Stuart Baker Elementary School's atom girl Cheyenne DeGeer watches her throw at the annual Haliburton Legion's Haliburton County Track and Field event for elementary school athletes on Saturday May 28 at the Gary G. Brohman Athletic Field. DeGeer finished second in the ball throw a fifth place finish in the 100 metre dash and second in the triple jump fo sixth overall. There were 261 athletes from JDHES Stuart Baker Elementary School J. Douglas Hodgson Elementary School Archie Stouffer Elementary School Wilberforce Elementary School and Cardiff Elementary School./DARREN LUM Staff

Track Meet results

Top six overall finishers (by accumulated points for placing)  at Haliburton Legion Haliburton County Track and Field meet  for elementary schools held at the Gary G. Brohman Athletic Field in Haliburton on Saturday May 28. More than 200 athletes competed. See photos on page 26.

1. Isaac Little JDHES
2. Nigel Smith ASES
3. Brian Kim ASES
3. Tevin Sullivan ASES
4. Ethan Glecoff JDHES
5. Brenden Coumbs JDHES
6. Cody Wilkinson JDHES

1. Samantha Pamplin JDHES
2. Mikayla O'Neill JDHES
3. Alexius Mills ASES
4. Sterling Nesbitt ASES
5. Haley Boylan ASES
6. Rebecca Archibald JDHES

1. Hunter Winder JDHES
2. Colin Glecoff JDHES
3. Nick Phippen JDHES
4. Lucas Penny JDHES
5. Tyler Florent WES
6. Evan Armstrong JDHES

1. Christina Barry JDHES
2. Brooke Stover ASES
3. Olivia Melle JDHES
4. Olivia Villamere JDHES
5. Emma Tidey ASES
6. Chloe Billings JDHES
6. Ella Moynes ASES

1. Cole Hamilton ASES
2. Sam McMahon JDHES
2. Taylor Sharpless ASES
3. Graeme Armstrong SBES
4. Evan Gilbert JDHES
4. Logan Tripp JDHES
5. Austin Boylan ASES
6. Weston Bowker SBES

1. Grace Graham JDHES
2. Lily Manning JDHES
3. Cheyenne Lagace ASES
4. Sydney Paris JDHES
4. Mikayla Sisson
5. Heather Barton JDHES
5. Erika Hoare SBES
6. Autumn Winder JDHES
6. Chelsea Flynn

1. Ty Rupnow SBES
2. Evan Backus SBES
3. Brechin Johnson SBES
4. Graham Backus SBES
5. Parker Simms ASES
6. Chase Winder SBES

1. Abby Schreiber-Newlove SBES
1. Emily Brown ASES
2. Lilly Casey ASES
3. Lara Gallant SBES
4. Madelyn Walker ASES
5. Rachael Aldom SBES
6. Addison Parish SBES
6. Hailey Smith ASES

Vanessa Beynon CES
Lincoln Holden SBES
Piper Porter ASES