Matt Duchene has been bought out by the Nashville Pedators for the remainder of his contract over the next three years. He has opted to join the Dallas Stars to kick off next season. /photo submitted

Duchene joins Dallas Stars

By Emily Stonehouse

Change is in the air for for Haliburton local Matt Duchene. On June 30, the 32-year old center was bought out by the Nashville Predators for the remaining three years of his contract with the team. “It was a crazy day and a half that shook us as a family when we found out we were leaving Nashville,” Duchene told the Echo. “Nashville is, and always will be, our home, we’ve put down some deep roots here.” 

On June 30, the Preds announced that they would be buying out the remainder of Duchene’s contract, which had $14 million in base salary and $6 million in bonuses which is to be paid out over the remaining three years. 

With the buyout, Duchene became a free agent, and suddenly, he had to make some quick decisions. “I was very fortunate to be able to choose my next team, and to have some amazing options,” he said. 

Duchene has opted to join the Dallas Stars for one year, and a $3 million contract. The Stars progressed in the 2023 playoffs before eventually losing to the Las Vegas Golden Knights in the conference finals. The Golden Knights went on to win the Stanley Cup. The Nashville Predators did not make the 2023 playoffs. 

“I couldn’t be more excited to be joining the Dallas Stars,” said Duchene, “they have an incredible team that’s ready to win and I’m hopeful for a long, successful playoff run with them.”