Step back in time with paper feature

By David Zilstra

Leafing through old issues of the Minden Times and Haliburton County Echo is a wonderful way to stepback in time and learn about the rich history of Haliburton County.The Times which started in its current format in 1980 and the Echo about 100 years earlier in 1884 are both time capsules of theprogress that shaped our past and brought us to the present oneweek at a time.

I like to grab a complete year of ourarchives at a time and start reviewing the pages from January rightto the end of a particular year. Reviewing each paper from the sameyear enables you to jump back in time and magically recreate thatyear through the pages of each issue. Here we give a rare glimpse ofour past by reproducing a random set of front pages of both the Echo and Times newspapers. Starting this week and running for the next tenweeks we will reproduce a historical front page of both the Echo and Times newspapers in each paper and both pages in County Life.

The Echo and Times are proud to be thenewspapers of record in our community and we look forward to abright future not only through the pages of our papers but oursocial channels websites and magazines like Summer Guide and Progress .

We hope you enjoy this step back intime and thank everyone for your continued support.