A bo seminar took place on Sunday Jan. 27 at the A.J. LaRue Arena in Haliburton.This event which was hosted by the local dojo Kita No Senshi Karate Dojo was sponsored by the Ontario Union of Martial Artists. Twelve students were taught basic techniques and advanced ” kihon”=” learned=” the=” kata:=” sho=” no=” bo=” and=” were=” provided=” a=” kobudo=” kumite=” demonstration.=” they=” came=” from=” haliburton=” county=” and=” surrounding=” areas=” to=” use=” the=” martial=” arts=” weapon=” the=” bo=” staff.=” darren=” lum=” staff”=

Demonstrating skill 

Students of Kita No Senshi Karate Dojo participated in grading on Thursday Jan. 24 at the A.J. LaRue Arena in Haliburton. All of the students who ranged in age from five to 15 years earned their belts.

Photos by Darren Lum staff