Skate park to be completed this spring

By Darren Lum

Published Nov. 21 2017

Committee members for the Haliburton Junction Skate Park are excited. With some 68 per cent of the park complete this autumn the park is expected to be fully completed by the spring said skate park committee member Andrea Mueller.

Mueller the Dysart recreation co-ordinator said the committee is happy about the progress of the 6000-square-foot skateboard park although it won’t be finished this year. The most challenging features are complete she said.

Mueller said the Haliburton skate park will be the first project Radius Contracting will tackle for 2018. Weather pending construction is expected to resume in April.

The common sentiment expressed on the Haliburton Junction Skateboard Park Facebook page was of excitement and anticipation for the spring completion.

Committee member Pasi Posti appreciates the new details added to the park since the company was on-site.

“It’s taken it from being a Honda Civic to an Acura” he said. “There’s tweaks they’ve done to the park that they have only been able to make now that they have seen how the park is going in.”

The additions which did not cost anything extra will give the park better transitions from area to area improving the flow for riders/skaters he said.

One of them is situated at the end of the “main obstacle.” It is altered to “promote better flow” and “ease of use” for an enjoyable experience for skaters and riders.

Chief among them is the “doggy door” essentially a cutout of one of the main obstacles on the street section made to resemble the Hawk Lake Log Chute a nod to local logging history. Some of these new touches were inspired by visits around the neighbourhood by the the designers and crew of Radius Contracting he said.

“They’re really trying to incorporate local flavour and heritage into the park so that it’s not just generic. They’re taking it from being a generic park to Haliburton’s park” he said.

Posti said he isn’t concerned about the status of the project.

“There’s no sense in rushing this. They’re putting in extra effort if anything” he said.

The fundraising for the skate park continues with $40000 still needed.

Donations of $50 or more will receive a tax receipt. Donations can be made by in person at the Dysart municipal office by mail or on our Go Fund Me page:
Posti said this park might just be a little beyond his skating abilities but he’s excited nonetheless and has heard only excitement from the skateboard community through social media.

“I would be excited to get a chance to roll around in this park if it were anywhere in Canada but to have it right here at home is beyond words. It’s something that is already gaining a buzz in the skate community and it’s not even built. It’s literally going on the skate map” he said.

When asked about who this skateboard park suits the best Posti said it will provide an opportunity for young people.

“It’s almost like buying a kid’s skate a size bigger. They can grow into it” he said. “People have asked me that: Well is it a beginner park or advanced? Kids just have to grow into it.”