Skate park needs your votes

By Jenn Watt

Haliburton Junction Skate Park needs onlinecommunity support if it is to win the grand prize in the Aviva Community Fundcompetition.

Dysart et al has already been actively fundraisingto improve the skate park on Maple Avenue which has poor drainage and worn structures and is hoping to get a financial boost fromthe contest.

More than $18000 has already been raised in the community toward the $75000 to $100000 needed.

According to Andrea Mueller recreationprogram co-ordinator the money will be used to pour new concrete at thecurrent site and expand its footprint as well as improve drainage.

Right now water pools there after heavy rain she said.

Dysart also wants to build concretestructures to replace the wooden ones which are only a few years old but havealready started to deteriorate.

Mueller has been soliciting advice from localkids who are meeting with her this week and professional plans have been drawnup. If we get more money we'd like lighting as well she said.

If Dysart got the full amount and money wasleft over they would like to add outdoor gym equipment.

The local gym recentlyclosed and people are looking for affordable ways to exercise. It is imperativethat we make improvements to our park space. The park has a beautiful settingoverlooking Head Lake. There is a playground but the equipment is limited toyoung children the online entry says.

It's been somethingthat's been thrown around Mueller said of the idea of gym equipment. We want to see more happen in the park.

Improving the skate parkmeans providing better equipment for youth in the community. To keep youngfamilies in Haliburton there needs to be things for their kids to do.

I think we have a lackof facilities for youth. … If you don't play hockey what do you do?

The township hopes to raise enough money to do the construction onthe skate park by April of this coming year.

The voting period lasts from now until Oct. 23 at 4 p.m. You canvote once every day. To vote go to: and search Haliburton. Then click on the campaign and follow the prompts.

The ideas with the most votes in each of the categories (the skatepark is in the community health category) will become finalists.

The top 30 finalists in each category are reviewed by AvivaCommunity Fund judges who choose the winners. Small idea winners can receive$50000 and big idea winners receive $100000.

Another grand prize called the Broker Supported Grand Prize ofup to $100000 will go to one of the finalists who received a vote from anAviva broker.

All finalists receive a $5000 donation to go to a charity oftheir choice.