Red Hawks junior volleyball player Samantha Pamplin rises for a hit against Fenelon Falls Secondary School defenders during Kawartha High School Volleyball exhibition action on Tuesday afternoon Dec. 6 in Haliburton./DARREN LUM Staff

Red Hawks teams recognize remember and award best

The following are the award winners for all of the Red Hawks athletic teams who were named at the 41st annual Athletic Banquet on Wednesday June 12 at the Northern Lights Performing Arts Pavilion. The year’s impact award was awarded to Gaye Botticella.

By Darren Lum

Published June 18 2019

Coaches Mike Gaffney and Bret Caputo presented the jr boys volleyball team and named its captain Jacob Dobson as leadership MVP award winner while Grade 9 Corin Gervais was named rookie of the year.
The varsity field hockey team coached by head coach Steve Smith said the team just missed a COSSA A berth and will be a “force to be reckoned with” next year. He named Ava Smith as the MIP while the team’s MVP award went to Alicia Villamere and Melissa Brinkos.

Coach Karen Gervais spoke about the cross country team and how it came together enduring the inclement wet weather by singing Country Road Take Me Home led by Coleman Heaven. The midget/jr most valuable player was Logan Baird. The sr MVP for the team was Shawn Walker. Despite getting nervous before each race (Gervais said it means he cares) Walker is the “quiet leader” who ran with his heart.

Girls rugby team’s coaches Carson MacDonald Alexis David and Brianne Pockett named the award winners. The rookie of the year forward (sometimes filling in at back) is Kiera Casey who was eager to improve and a “positive voice.” Charlotte Paton as this year’s sportsmanship MVP award winner for her positive attitude. She always gave 110 per cent.

Boys soccer returned from a two-year hiatus said coach Robin Gervais. He named the team’s captain Liam Little as the leadership MVP while the team’s top goal scorer and graduating sr Daniel Rivard was the team’s MVP.

Jr football named its defensive MVP Jaxon Gill who was absent because of his lacrosse commitments. Coach Tim Davies said he was “one of the best in the league.” Coach Raavo Laidlaw presented Camden Marra with the offensive MVP award. Laidlaw said Marra was his “go to guy.”  Defensive coach John Archibald presented Desi Davies with the MVP award. Davies was recognized for his leadership and his efforts in playing offence and defence.

Sr football team’s Liam Little spoke for an absent Derek Little coach of the squad. The offensive player MVP award was given to Connor Spence while the defensive MVP award winner was Carson Sisson. The leadership MVP honours was earned by Aidan Coles this year’s athlete of year.

The wrestling team sent 13 wrestlers to COSSA and among them include Charlotte Paton and Connie Oh as coaches’ award recipients. Coach Dan Fockler named Nick Phippen as the rookie of the year and the team’s MVP was Aidan Coles who finished fifth at OFSAA. A special thank you went out to sr wrestler Austin Weller who showed character during the season.

The girls curling team was presented by Cynthia Mitchell with Hugh Nichol. “We are the team to beat” she said. The team dominated and advanced to the Gore Mutual Provincial High School Curling Championship finals. Sportsmanship award winner was Mackenzie Tidey who suffered an injury in the season at the Gore tournament and was unable to continue. The team’s MVP award went to Hannah Lewis who “stepped in and played well.”

Coach Darrell Dobson presented the boys curling team who finished fifth in the province at OFSAA. The team’s MVP award is Liam Little a genuinely nice guy and highly skilled curler. Dobson laughed about how Little was often recognized everywhere they competed. Corin Gervais was named the new comer of the year.

Jr girls’ volleyball coach Steve Smith named Kiera Casey as the team’s MIP and the team’s MVP award went to co-captain Skye Lambshead who has a fiery attitude.

Dan Gimon and Janice Scheffee presented the sr girls volleyball team. The MIP went to Rebecca Archibald. The leadership award won by Freya Moran. Gimon presented the MVP award to his daughter Natalya. Gimon referred  to the team’s players as his “daughters.”

Girls hockey team coaches Alexis David and Courtney Cook spoke glowingly about the team’s character and experience competing in two tournaments. The team’s MVP winner is Senna Marra.

Jr hockey team coach Jason Morissette was proud of his team. The team’s MVP award winner is Dylan Keefer.
Also coached by Morissette the varsity hockey team. He thanked his staff:  Clay Glecoff and trainer Bret Caputo. He named captain Owen Smith goalie Carson Sisson and defenceman Shawn Walker as the team’s MVP award winners. The team were COSSA finalists.

Jr boys basketball head coach Paul Longo named MVP on defence Camden Marra. He’s the “absolute gentleman.” Longo named Holden Dupret-Smith the MVP in offence and then Brian Kim as the most valuable player. The team were COSSA semi-finalists.

Jr badminton team’s head coach Bob Schmidt described his team as a “solid crew of athletes.” He said eight athletes qualified for COSSA. Unable to give these eight players the MVP award winning plaque he awarded them each with a badminton birdie as a recognition for their standout performances.

Sr badminton’s head coach Jason Morissette named the team’s MVP players Natalya Gimon and Denver Allore. The two made up the mixed doubles’ team who finished fourth at COSSA.

Track and field team coach Karen Gervais recognized the team’s MVP award winners related to leadership with Freya Moran and Nigel Smith performance Desi Davies and Alex Little and dedication with Nick Phippen and Camden Marra. She also recognized Isaac Little who set a school record in the 3000 metre race and Grace Judge for her efforts competing for the first time and establishing a school record in 100 metre vision impaired dash for girls and the para-shotput. The coaching staff included Ginny Marsden Al Hough Tim Davies Walter Tose and Russ Duhaime.

Jr girls soccer coaches Janice Scheffee and Doug Sullivan said the team’s offensive MVP is the “lightning fast” Gillian Rosik. The team’s defensive MVP is Danaya MacDuff who “gave us the big boot when we needed it.” The team’s MVP was Hayley Boylan who was also named Rising Red Hawk. “She’s the player you want on the team” coaches said. The team repeated as COSSA gold winners.

Amy Klose and Doug Sullivan who coached the sr soccer girls’ team named the MVP Arden Harrop and Melissa Brinkos as voted by the players. Grade 9 goalkeeper Keira Casey was recognized for her efforts to step up.

The school’s annual culmulative award winners earned points each year by participating in intramural sports and interschool teams and team championships.
They include minor award winners Emma Casey Tyson Clements Nicole Cox Desi Davies Jacob Dobson Nick Dollo Owen Gilbert Brian Kim Alex Little Caden Little Isaac Little Maya Meraw Chloe Samson Nigel Smith and Owen Smith. The team’s major award winners include Freya Moran Shawn Walker Coleman Heaven and Carson Sisson. The award of excellence winners are Natalya Gimon Arden Harrop Liam Little and Dakota MacDonald. The Kit Pizzey Award winner for intramural participation is Nigel Smith.