The Dunnville Mudcats miss a chance during play against the Highland Storm./CHAD INGRAM Staff

Midgets heading to Ontario finals

Published March 12 2019

The Highland Storm Midgets are off to the Ontario finals against the Twin Centre Stars. The Storm took a 2-0 lead in the semi-final series against the Bancroft Jets. The Jets managed to hang in by winning Game 3 3-1. It was a do or die game for the Jets and they rose to the occasion on home ice March 7. They aggressively dominated the game and kept the Storm at bay. The only Storm goal was scored by Gilbert early in the third period assisted by Walker and MacNaull.

Game 4 was played in Haliburton March 9 and this time the Storm quieted the Jets from the start. They wasted no time and ignited the first period by taking a 3-0 lead. MacNaull brought the puck in with determination and found Robinson waiting in front of the net for the first goal. The next goal was a result of perfect positioning and passing. Give and go action between MacNaull and Gilbert then to Robinson who found the opening. With just minutes left in the first period Dollo rushed and blasted in the third goal.

The second period was a battle. The Jets managed to sneak in a goal late in the period however minutes later the Storm answered back. Robinson had an outstanding game and assisted the next goal with a pass to Smith who was open and ready to snap it in. The Jets turned it up late in the second and closed the goal gap to 4-2. The intensity grew early in the third period when the Jets scored making it a 4-3 game. It was a nail-biter all out period with end to end action. Hats off to Robinson who secured the win with the empty-netter goal making it 5-3 and sending the Storm Midgets to the Ontario finals. An awesome job by all players for the victory.

By Suzanne Haedicke

The Haliburton TimberMart/Haliburton Hockey Haven Sports Camp Novice Reps played their third game against the Sturgeon Lake Thunder on Thursday. The Storm was down four points in the series and needed to win to continue in the semi-finals.

The crowds were treated to a fast action game. In the first period Evan Perrott put the first point on the board for the Storm assisted by Max Rupnow. The Thunder wasn’t able to retaliate until late in the second. In the third the Thunder put in a second before Henry Neilson shot one in back-handed to tie the game assisted by Perrott and Rupnow. The teams went into sudden death overtime. The Thunder managed to break away and score the winning goal eliminating the Storm from the playoffs. The Storm played extraordinarily strong games and should be proud of their effort.

Every player on the team is commended for their achievement this year.

#4 Evan Perrott is an overall strong player who comes through for the team when points are needed.

#5 Ethan DeCarlo is fantastic at holding the blue line and keeping the puck in the offensive zone.

#6 Jaxen Casey is an amazing back-checker and keeps the puck out of his zone.

#8 Easton Burk is willing to fight hard for the puck and do what it takes to keep the puck away from the goaltender.

#10 Henry Neilson’s back-hand shot intimidates all goaltenders.

#11 Isaac Trotter is fierce and boldly plows through all his competition.

#12 Matt Scheffee puck handles with skill consistently moving the play up the ice.

#16 Luke Gruppe’s speed allows him to chase down the competition.

#18 Max Rupnow is an incredible team player constantly setting up plays.

#Jack Tomlinson is a strong defenceman with a killer slap shot.

#33 Carter Braun’s goalie skills and passion for his position are unrivalled.

Congratulations to the whole team for their hard work growth in the sport and success this season!

By Sara Gruppe