Minor Hockey Updates

The following are submitted reports of minor hockey updates published March 13 2018

Excitingfinish for TD Atoms

Thispast weekend the TD Atoms faced off against Pharmasave Atoms in abest two out of three series all games played on Saturday 10 a.m. 3p.m. and 5 p.m. TD won the first game 8-7.

TDhad a number of players try out new positions for the middle game at3 p.m. including leading scorer Ethan Thomas trying his hands in thenet. Owen Sisson tested his defensive skills dropping back todefence. The TD Atoms conceded the 3 p.m. game 6-2.

Ina crucial third game at 5 p.m. everything was on the line. Theexciting game saw the score tied at the end of each period. The gamecame down to an incredible effort by Pharmasave’s Lara Gallant toscore from behind the net with 1:21 to play in the third. Although TDattempted to tie it up one last time it was just not to be. TDdropped the third game 6-5. TD’s top goal scorer of the day wasEthan Thomas scoring seven goals in two games. Owen Sisson had 1G6A Andy Lippolis 1G 2A Eric Mueller 2G Toby Posti 2G OliviaGruppe 1G 1A Jacob Davis 1G 1A Maxime Little 3A Max Chapman 1ALayne Robinson 1A. This brings the TD Atoms’ season to a close.

Submittedby Jamie Lloyd

AtomStorm take semifinals to fifth game thrill to watch

OnFriday March 2 The Cottage Country Building Supplies/Ridgewood FordHighland Storm Atom A’s travelled to Frontenac to face theFrontenac Flyers for the third semifinal game.

Thegame started with a goal by Cheyenne Degeer however Frontenacscored two goals. Then Brechin Johnston put one between the pipes.Going into the second the game was tied at two goals each but fiveminutes in Addison Carr scored a beauty tic-tac-toe goal. The scorewas 3-2 Storm going into the third period. Unfortunately Frontenacscored early this period to tie the game 3-3. With 45 seconds leftFrontenac scored. The Storm lost 4-3.

OnSaturday March 10 the Storm travelled to Frontenac to face theFrontenac Flyers for game four of the semifinals.

Thefirst period was a battle between both teams. Addison Carr scored anearly goal but Frontenac scored shortly after. The second was allStorm with another goal by Carr then a goal by Brechin Johnstonfollowed by another goal by Carr and finally a beauty goal byCheyenne Degeer. It was 5-1 going into the third. For the thirdperiod the Storm was not going to let up. Carr scored his fourthgoal of the game and Degeer scored her second. The final was 7-1Storm.

OnSunday March 11 the Atoms hosted the Frontenac Flyers for game 5 ofthe semifinals. It started quick with a goal by Frontenac followedby a goal by Beckam Reynolds. Next Frontenac scored their secondgoal followed by a goal by Cheyenne Degeer. It was tied 2-2 goinginto the second. The second was a battle of a period but with 30seconds left Frontenac scored. At the start of the third the Stormcame out on fire and Addison Carr scored to tie the game. ButFrontenac rallied and scored three more goals. The final was 6-3. Andunfortunately the Atom A’s were knocked out of the series.

Submittedby Amber Card

GlenDart tournament a thrill to watch

Haliburton’svery own Glen Dart tournament was hosted in Haliburton by LL Atom 1and 2 teams. Due to circumstances our invited teams dropped out ofthe tournament.

ButHaliburton’s teams refused to foreclose on the tournament. Theydecided to have a best two out of three together.

Tostart of the tournament Pharmasave LL Atom 1 and TD LL Atom 2 cametogether for their first match.

LaraGallant started off the scoring early in the first unassisted butEthan Thomas forced his way back 16 seconds later assisted by MaxineLittle.

Witha battle back and forth with awsome goaltending by Zach Lowe andJacob Lloyd Storm 1 scored again unassisted by Haiden Bird. With 38seconds left Ethan Thomas scored assisted by Owen Sisson.

Duringthe second period Storm 2 poured on the pressure and kept the puckdeep in Storm 1 territory. Storm 2 were able to score three goalsJacob Davis assisted by Owen Sisson. Ethan Thomas again assisted byJacob Davis and Maxine Little. And for a hat trick for Ethan Thomasassisted by Owen Sisson.

Inthe third period things heated up with two more goals by Ethan Thomaswith one assist by Owen Sisson again. And followed by another goal byTobi Posti assisted yet again by Owen Sisson and Maxine Little. WithStorm 1 refusing to give up the forwards started to pick up the pacewith Lara Gallant scoring assisted by Logan Reid.

Thirtyseconds later Haiden Bird stormed right back to score two unassistedgoals for his hat trick.

WithStorm 1 now realizing they were still in the game Jacob Mantlepicked up the puck behind his own net and skated around everyone inhis path to score his first defensive goal of the year for a finaltotal of 8-7 Storm 2.

Withanother game of the tournament at 3 p.m. the two LL Atoms faced offagain.

Withinthe first two minutes of play the Bird brothers opened up the scoringwith a goal by H. Bird assisted by E. Bird. Seconds later withawesome stick handling Lara Gallant scored unassisted followed byanother goal unassisted by H. Bird.

WithStorm 1 refusing to give up and keeping pressure on in the secondperiod Lara Gallant scored assisted by H. Bird followed by anothergoal by H. Bird for his second hat trick of the tournament assistedby Carson Jones and Gallant.

LaraGallant kept extreme pressure on and scored yet again for second hattrick of the tournament assisted by Logan Reid and E. Bird.

WithStorm 2 refusing to give up Olivia Gruppe scored assisted by MaxChapman and Lorne Robinson. Followed by another goal by Storm 2unassisted by Eric Mueller.

Finalscore was 6-2

Withthe third game against LL Atoms playing for the trophy we all knewthat these two teams were going to give it their all.

Duringthe first period the scoring was like a tennis match with the defencebreaking up play Atom 1’s H Bird opened up the scoring assisted byHailee Davidson. Storm 2 came storming right back with a goal byEthan Thomas assisted by Gruppe. In the final minutes of the firstperiod battling back and forth Gallant scored assisted by H. Bird.

Butwith Atom 2 winning the face-off they rallied back with an unassistedgoal by Owen Sisson.

Inthe second period Andy Lippolis scored assisted by Sisson and anotherunassisted goal by Thomas.

Withthe crowd now on their feet cheering on both teams Atom 1 started toget their groove on with them playing their positions. Storm 1’sGallant passed a wicked shot straight to Logan Reid’s stick for awide open net. Assisted by Gallant and H. Bird.

WithGallant winning the face-off she dazzled with her stickhandlingskills to score unassisted. With Storm 2 never giving up Eric Muellerturned on his skating skills and awesome stickhandling to take thepuck from end to end to score unassisted to tie up this nownail-biting game. Awesome goaltending by Brian Robichaud. LaraGallant scored the game-winning goal for her third hat trick of thetournament assisted by Haiden Bird who also received two hat tricksin the tournament.

Awesomegame to both teams. You guys put on one of the best shows of theseason.

Thenext tournament is the select LL Atoms in Ayr Ont. on March 31.

Submittedby Chris McMarti n