Drop-in basketball continues at HHSS

By Darren Lum

Published July 10 2018

Starting this week in Haliburton the Drop-in Basketball for youth (from 11 to 18) will provide an opportunity for players to build their skills by learning the fundamentals and advance their knowledge of the game.
Gord Cochrane a retired lawyer and a coach for the local high school leads this twice-a-week offering with Andy Valickis every Wednesday and Friday from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.
Drop-in basketball includes scrimmages of one-on-one two-on-two and five-on-five
Cochrane was a collegiate standout basketball player in the U.S. and most recently has been a regular coaching staff member for the Red Hawks basketball program either as an assistant or head coach the past several years. Last year Valickis was an assistant coach for the Red Hawks junior team.
Cochrane started the instructional basketball coaching himself at the nearby outdoor basketball court.
A few years after he met with Dysart et al and they partnered with Trillium Lakelands District School Board to have the basketball coaching be offered indoors at the Haliburton Highlands Secondary School located on Cty Road 21 and Cty Road 1. The township covers the gym cost and pays for insurance.

Dysart recreation co-ordinator Andrea Mueller said virtually all of the feedback from past participants has been positive. There have been repeat participants some up to three years. The indoor offering started in 2015.
She pointed out the best part of this offering is that it works with summer schedules.
“If you miss a few that’s fine. People go away in the summer but if they’re looking for a way to have recreational and physical activity … this program can [enable participants to] work on skills and get that physical activity. And they’re learning from people that know the sport really well” she said.
The drop-in basketball is in the school’s gym and never has to get cancelled due to the weather.
Register for free ahead of time by contacting Dysart recreation co-ordinator Andrea Mueller at 705-457-1740 ext. 35.
“It's indoors so even when it's extremely [hot] like this there is some break from the heat. Years back it was run outside so you were at the mercy of the weather. This can go rain or shine” she said.
Please note: the dates are subject to change based on school availability.