Wind in the Willows takes over Pinestone spa

By Angelica Ingram

Sylvia Holland always loves a new adventure.
The owner/operator of Wind in the Willows spa has had many challenges and opportunities in her career and the latest chapter of her business story is no exception.

After selling her Minden location earlier this year Holland 72 thought life might get a little less busy.
She was wrong.
This past summer general manager of Pinestone Resort John Teljeur approached her about the opportunity to take over the spa in the resort.

Holland said she hesitated when making the decision but eventually decided it was something she wanted to do.
“When I got the email it was like oh my goodness” said Holland. “I took my time [making the decision]. I wanted to make sure it was the right fit.”

She began working on improving the spa this past September and opened its doors at the end of November.
Officially called Pinestone Spa by Wind in the Willows the spa is currently open on the weekends only and has a warm and cozy feel similar to the Haliburton location said Holland.
Some of the treatments the spa offers include manicures pedicures facials and massages done by a registered massage therapist.

The owner hopes to run a hair salon at the spa down the road.
She is excited about the opportunity and what the future holds.
“You know me I love a challenge” she said. “It really does look nice. It’s really lovely.”
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