West Nile detected in Haliburton County

By Chad Ingram

July 13 2017

The West Nile virus has been discoveredin a batch of mosquitoes from Haliburton County.

According to the Haliburton KawarthaPine Ridge District Health unit mosquitoes collected in the countyon July 6 tested positive for West Nile. It is the first incident ofWest Nile discovered in the area served by the health unit in 2017.No human cases have been reported.

Residents are urged to take precautionssuch as wearing light-coloured long-sleeved clothing applyinginsect repellent and keeping areas near homes clear of standingwater such as that in old tires or unused barrels.

Last year 211 mosquito pools inOntario tested positive for West Nile virus and there 50 recordedhuman cases in the province.

According to the health unit mostpeople who contract West Nile virus do no exhibit any symptoms butsome may experience headaches stiff necks and muscle weakness. Insevere cases confusion and tremors can occur.