West Guilford honours Bill Burden

By Angelica Ingram

Published July 5 2016

There likely isn’t a teenager in West Guilford who didn’t get their first part-time job at the West Guilford Shopping Centre.
Whether it’s helping out the youth in the community or by providing a cheese tray for funeral receptions Bill Burden does his part to make his hometown a better place.

On July 1 Burden was given the honour of being named West Guilford citizen of the year a recognition that brought tears to his eyes.
Born in Newfoundland Burden moved to the area as a teenager and has owned and operated the West Guilford Shopping Centre since 1983.
“When a student in West Guilford is looking for a part-time job who is the best person to ask?” said Kay Morrison during the award presentation. “Of course Bill Burden. At the present time he has six students working for him. Multiply that by 33 years and you have an approximate number of how many people he has influenced and given a start in the world.”
Married to Edna and the father of two children Cori and Chad Bill has always helped out wherever he could providing more than just jobs.

“He has always gone the extra mile especially in regards to food” said Morrison. “West Guilford is very fortunate to have had such a thoughtful storekeeper for 33 years. Bill we wish you and your family many more years of enjoyment and good health.”
When Bill went up to accept his award thunderous applause filled the room.
“You got me” he said touched by the outpouring of love. “I just want to thank everybody.”