Weekend Kennisis Lake art tour doubles as fundraiser

By Darren Lum

Art on the Dock hosted by the Kennisis Lake Cottage Owners Association has three primary objectives: to give local artists an opportunity to sell their work; to ensure a friendly event for residents and visitors of the lake; and to raise funds for the Artist in the School and Community Program.

Event co-ordinator Janis Parker says the event has been achieving its goals since it started five years ago.

“It really was community building. The fact that it’s turned into a strong community-building event and does some fundraising for the Artists in the School Program. It’s just a win-win. It’s a really good event and last year we were able to donate over $5000” she said.

Close to $10000 has been raised for the Artist in the School and Community Program since the art tour began.

Each artist either pays a $50 fee or donates an item. The items are used for an auction at the Ladies of the Lake Luncheon held on the Canada Day weekend. Those funds along with contributions from the public are then donated.

Parker Pad and Printing and Viper Marketing have been the sponsors since the beginning helping to cover the event’s expenses.

This year’s event includes a few new artists who stepped in for others that did not participate this year and a limit to the locations. Having more than one artist at a location allows event-goers to see more.

The two-day studio tour is on Saturday July 13 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and on Sunday July 14 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and includes 20 locations and close to 40 artists.

Plan your route by using the map or refer to the 32-page program available online at www.klcoa.org/2019-art-on-the-dock-program-now-published/ and in printed copies at Kennisis Marina Haliburton Forest Cookhouse and Abbey Gardens.

When compared to other studio tours Parker said the main difference is the option to cruise the lake see her neighbours visit with artists and see great art.

“That’s the biggest difference and it’s in the summer … I think it’s totally different because you can go from dock to dock” she said. The tour can also be completed by vehicle.

The seed for the event was planted during a conversation between Parker and artist Shelley Beach who died from cancer just before last year’s event. Parker remembers how she and Beach who were both on the arts council at the time were interested in raising money for the Artist in the School and Community Program.

“This really became her idea. Tayce Wakefield took it and ran with it but I kind of love doing it just because it was Shelley’s idea” she said.  “For me and some of the people involved right from the beginning it’s kind of just … it was a really a great idea and got people to contribute and donate.”