War is necessary for our security

April 21 2015

Re: letter to the editor “Not so proud to be a Canadian”
In response to the letter it would be nice if only peacekeepers wereneeded for what is happening in the world today but unfortunately it’snot just a conflict going on that peacekeepers usually deal with. If you see the news you will see terrorists are the ones killing innocentpeople. Remember 9-11 Boston and Ottawa: all innocent people. You don’t wait for more to infiltrate into our country until it’s out ofcontrol.
Nobody wants or likes war. Unfortunately and sadly causalities of war do happen but we go to war to stop more innocent people frombeing killed intentionally abroad and at home. It’s only an endless war if you don’t stand up to end it.  We helped to stop Hitler.  I standproud to be a Canadian for all our men and women who serve to protect us and our country knowing that it could put their life in danger.  Thisincludes police and firemen.

D. McCluskey