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Walker’scounty to split cost on turning lane

By Chad Ingram

Published March 13 2018

Walker’sHome Hardware and Haliburton County will share the cost for a newturning lane to be constructed along County Road 21 in preparationfor a new Home Hardware store.

Backin September Walker’s Home Hardware owner Jerry Walker made apresentation to Haliburton County council asking council toreconsider county planning staff’s recommendation that he anddevelopment partner Jamie Chisholm construct a left-hand turn lane atthe property near Industrial Park Road where the new store is to belocated.

“We’vecompleted all the studies and all the reporting as requested”Walker told council at the time. “We relocated the entrance to theeast of the development at the request of public works to keep itaway from the industrial park.”

Walkerand Chisholm had a traffic study performed by consultant C.C. Tathamwhich concluded a left-hand turn lane was not required at thelocation.

“Thestudy by C.C. Tatham has shown that a turning lane is not warranted”Walker told councillors. While councillors said they understood theconstruction of the turning lane would add additional financialburden to the project they stood by the recommendation from countyplanning staff.

Walkerand Chisholm took the issue to the Ontario Municipal Board inNovember and as a result the approximate $100000 price tag for theturning lane will be shared between the developer and the county.