One of the racing teams with their boat. /Photos by Maureen Skinner

The faces at the races

By Judy Skinner
Published Sept. 4 2018

Haliburton Village and specifically Head Lake Park was the centre of activity for the recent Haliburton Powerboat Races. This was the fourth year for this exciting and invigorating event.

The Haliburton Hospital Auxiliary ran the raffle table and also handed out programs as attendees arrived in the park. It was certainly an exciting and bustling place to work. All raffle prizes were donated by local businesses and the entire proceeds of ticket sales were donated to the Haliburton Hospital Auxiliary.

This central location allowed us to meet and greet local residents cottagers race team members and their families as well as a number of out of town and out of country visitors. In spite of the varied backgrounds languages and experiences they all shared one thing in common and that is their deep appreciation for the beauty of our village and surrounding areas.

Perhaps the most expressive were Abraham and Lena a charming couple visiting from Barcelona Spain. As they gestured toward the lake and the surrounding hills it was impossible for them to stop smiling and telling us how much they were enjoying their Canadian experience.

We were equally touched by the number of attendees who followed organizer Barb Hammond’s suggestion and brought generous donations of food for the 4Cs in lieu of an entrance fee. They filled two very large boxes with much needed food items.

We received a delightful and totally unexpected donation of hand-knit dolls from Pat France of Grimsby Ont. the wife of a race official. She made a similar gift to us last year. Not only did the sale of these adorable little dolls benefit the auxiliary but it provided us the best entertainment just by watching the little children spot them and in the blink of an eye pick out just the right “baby” for themselves.

Were the races noisy? You bet! But for all the benefit to our community and specifically to our hospital it was well worth it. Many of the race team members filled our local hotels motels and B&B’s. They ate in our local restaurants and shopped in our local stores. Many first time attendees promised to come back just to enjoy the natural beauty of Haliburton and we encouraged them to come in the fall when the scenery is spectacular.

Toronto Outboard Racing Club donated $1000 to the Haliburton Hospital Auxiliary for this year’s event. Barb Hammond presented the auxiliary with $285 representing half of a 50/50 draw held the previous evening. The wife of the 50/50 winner donated $100 on his behalf to the auxiliary as well.

When added to the raffle ticket sales doll sales and other cash donations the auxiliary will have $2328 from the weekend’s event to put toward the purchase of new hospital beds. All in all time and effort very well spent.