SIRCH fall lunch program serving up international cuisine in Haliburton

By Jenn Watt

Sept. 18 2018

Delicious dishes from around the world will be sizzling on the stoves of SIRCH Central this fall for a special program called Cook It Up All Fall.

Each Monday and Thursday starting this week lunches will be available to purchase – either eat-in or take-out – focused on specific culinary traditions such as Indian Thai Central American or Korean.

“For the community we’re offering this cool international menu. We tried to do items that were sort of outside what was available locally” said Jay McIvor food service co-ordinator at SIRCH.

McIvor worked at Camp Wanakita for 14 years as a chef and has travelled and lived abroad picking up new skills. He said Cook It Up All Fall always has a vegetarian option and that if customers call ahead he can also accommodate other dietary restrictions such as gluten free or vegan diets.

McIvor will be cooking meals alongside Lydia Kim a graduate of SIRCH’s Cook It Up program who worked for SIRCH during the summer program which ran out of the high school.

Although Cook It Up All Fall isn’t the same format as the standard Cook It Up (which returns this winter) they are taking volunteers to help out.

“This program we’ve invited past participants to come and participate volunteer brush up their skills and potential participants to come and observe” McIvor said.

Getting experience this fall will help those who are on the fence about trying a new career path or taking the Cook It Up course make the decision said Angelica Ingram SIRCH’s communications specialist.

It gives them “a taste without having to commit to anything” she said.

The fall lunches serves a third purpose: raising money.

“This is also aside from the training part a fundraiser for Community Kitchen” Ingram said. “Part of the proceeds will go to funding Community Kitchen so we can continue to give out those meals.”

Community Kitchen is a program that brings together volunteers to prepare frozen meals distributed to those in need in Haliburton County.

There is plenty of choice for customers of Cook It Up All Fall. Each day offers a choice of a lunch with meat or without. Soup and salad are available. They can also choose whether to get take-out or to eat in though there isn’t table service. In addition SIRCH is offering two- and four-person dinners that can be ordered and taken out.

To find out what SIRCH has cooking check their Facebook page. To order your meal ahead of time or inquire about the menu call or text the dedicated line: 705-455-2072.

Cook It Up All Fall runs each Monday and Thursday from now until Dec. 6 at SIRCH Central: 2 Victoria St. Haliburton from noon to 4 p.m.