Volunteers and organizers of the Women’s Emergency House in Haliburton gather to cut the ribbon for the new safe haven for local women who need temporary refuge from abusive relationships. This photo was likely taken around 1995. The Women’s Emergency House was a SIRCH initiative that eventually ended due to lack of funds but was the precursor to the YWCA safe space.

Sir Sam’s Inn navigating marijuana legislation 

By Chad Ingram

Eagle Lake’s Sir Sam’s Inn is looking at options to incorporate the country’s new marijuana legislation into its operations.

The federal government legalized marijuana in the fall of 2018 and marijuana edible products and drinks are set to be legalized in the fall of this year.

Sir Sam’s is looking at how it will accommodate guests who wish to engage in cannabis while at the resort.

“Sir Sam’s Inn and Spa has always strived to provide the highest level of customer service and offer unique experiences for our guests to enjoy” Jon Massey director business of development for Sir Sam’s told the Echo in an email. “Consuming cannabis is legal now regardless of where visitors choose to stay not much different than enjoying wine or craft beer.”

The inn signed up with Cannabis Hotels an online travel advisory and just so happened to become the first Canadian establishment to do so.

“Hotels and resorts will have to review the legislation and choose what is right for them” Massey wrote. “We recognized that some guests will want to enjoy cannabis under the new regulations and have chosen to manage it by acknowledging it can be consumed while here with specific guidelines not to impact other guests.”

Under the Smoke-Free Ontario Act cannabis can be smoked anywhere cigarette smoking or vaping is permitted. However Sir Sam’s an adults-only getaway is already a smoke-free hotel in that there is no smoking permitted in its rooms.

Massey told the Echo that guidelines would include finding suitable outdoor areas to designate for consumption areas where the smoke is determined not to interfere with other guests.