Trista Greer casts her ballot in Student Vote on Thursday Oct. 17 at Haliburton Highlands Secondary School as Abigail Kauffeldt left waits her turn. Student Vote is a co-ordinated effort across the province engaging young people in the election process. /JENN WATT Staff

Schmale had largest election budget report shows

Published April 12 2016

Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock MP Jamie Schmale had the largest campaign budget of the four candidates for the riding in last October’s federal election a report from Elections Canada shows.

Schmale’s grand total of contributions loans transfers and other cash flows was just short of $114000.

For NDP candidate Mike Perry that figure was just more than $57000; for Liberal candidate David Marquis $51500; and for Green Party candidate Bill MacCallum less than $20000.

The report shows that none of the local candidates used loans.

Schmale raised the most in contributions a total of nearly $36000 from 131 contributors. Perry had nearly $24000 in contributions from 119 contributors and MacCallum nearly $10000 from 19 parties.

Marquis used no contributions the entirety of his cash flow coming from a transfer from the local Liberal riding association of $51500.

MacCallum received about $8500 from his riding association Perry more than $33000 and Schmale more than $41000.

Grand totals for election expenses themselves were more than $62000 for Schmale; more than $52000 for Perry; just less than $50000 for Marquis; and just less than $20000 for MacCallum.

Both Marquis and Perry outspent Schmale on advertising with respective totals of about $31000. Schmale spent just less than $25000 on advertising MacCallum about $7500.

Schmale outspent his opponents on voter contact calling services spending nearly $13000. Marquis spent $6500 and neither Perry nor MacCallum registered voter contact calling costs.

Schmale also had the most office expenses at more than $15000. Perry’s office expenses were just less than $12000 Marquis’s $4300 and MacCallum’s less than $350.

Schmale a former radio journalist who served as executive assistant to former MP Barry Devolin for 11 years took 45 per cent of the vote in the riding in the Oct. 19 election. Marquis finished with nearly 32 per cent of the vote Perry 19.5 and MacCallum four.