Rotary to add water-ski show to annual carnival

The Haliburton Rotary Club plans to take the annual carnival in Haliburton village to new heights this year with the addition of a professional water-ski and flyboard show.

Two performances by Summer Water Sports are scheduled during the carnival on Wednesday Aug. 9 one at 4 p.m. and the other at 7 p.m. on Head Lake.

Rotarian Ted Brandon said he saw a show by Summer Water Sports in January during the boat show in Toronto. Organizers had turned the arena into a lake for the show and the group did their performance there.

“They were really entertaining and fun. It’s more than just a water-ski show” he said.

Brandon doesn’t know which equipment the group will bring to Haliburton but said they are familiar with the lake since some of the performers have participated in wakeboard competitions in town.

“We contacted them and they’re quite excited to come to Haliburton” he said.

The water-ski show replaces the Rotary parade which was a staple of the carnival for more than 50

years. Lack of participation in the parade led the club to make the tough decision to cancel it this year however there were always good crowds out to watch it. Brandon said he hopes this show will attract those same crowds – and more – to the park.

“We think the water-ski show will appeal to a wider broader audience particularly the young people” he said.

Aside from entertainment on the lake the carnival continues to offer the midway rides games fireworks at dusk beef on a bun and crown and anchor wheel. The car draw will also be held that evening. (Tickets are $20 each and the prize is a 2017 Camaro LT Coupe or $30000 cash.)

The carnival begins at noon and runs until 11 p.m.