Reeve breaks down Dysart tax rate

By Jenn Watt

Published Feb. 28 2017

Dysart et al Reeve Murray Fearrey says he expects residents in his municipality will have an overall three per cent increase on their taxes in 2017 –  factoring in the county and education tax rates.

Within the lower tier municipality of Dysart et al the majority of this year’s increase comes from the growing cost of policing. Following an adjustment to the OPP funding formula the municipality has seen an increase $295590 over last year’s cost.
“That’s an automatic 3.95 per cent increase on the tax levy. Each one per cent is $73280. Out of the 5.9 we talked about the balance is less than two per cent and that’s attributed to a land purchase to accommodate future septic infrastructure and technology” Fearrey told the Echo .
The land purchase would allow for septage disposal should Dysart et al begin septic reinspections –  something lake associations have identified as a priority the reeve said.
“To do septic reinspections we have to have a place to dispose of the septage. We’re looking at technologies that would fit and be environmentally friendly and safe. We do need places to do that” he said.

Dysart et al council has not yet had formal discussions about conducting septic reinspections.
If Dysart council passes the proposed 5.87 per cent increase that would mean an increase of $23.71 from the 2016 rate or $261.89 per $100000 of assessment.