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RCMP to review ATV collision that killed Welland teen

By Jenn Watt

The RCMP will be looking into the death of Welland Ont. teenager Jake Hughes who died in 2012 when the ATV he was on collided with a gate north of Haliburton.

Jake 19 was on the ATV with another teenager. The OPP concluded that Jake was driving the ATV when the collision happened however Jake’s parents raised issue with the investigation after identifying inconsistent information about what happened that day.

Sam and Pearl Hughes contacted the Office of the Independent Police Review Director which then had the Peel Regional Police Service conduct a review of the original OPP investigation. That review led to a disciplinary hearing which examined gaps in the way the investigation was conducted as well as procedural issues.

Now the RCMP says it will also be reviewing the collision.

“At the request of the OPP the RCMP is conducting a thorough and independent review of the fatal collision involving Jake Hughes in 2012. The review includes the totality of the case and the RCMP has access to all previous investigative steps taken the evidence gathered and the findings of previous reviews” a statement from the RCMP to the Echo reads.

The RCMP did not provide answers as to when the review would be complete. The Hughes family told the CBC’s Fifth Estate that the RCMP had told them the review would be done June 1.

The investigative news program aired a segment on Jake Hughes and the police investigation on Sunday April 7. It can be found online at