Pic of the past names revealed

To the Editor

Thank you to Bill Archer for the walk down memory lane. His father Max Archer was the principal of Victoria Street School when this pic was taken which I guess is why he has the picture. This would be from 1963 when I was in Mrs. Dart’s Grade 1 classroom.

Back row: from left Ruth or Ruby Madill Doreen Rowbottom Billy Roberts ? Susan Walling Mrs. Dart Miles Maughan Marianne Hodgson? Ruth or Ruby Madill.

Middle row: from left Sharon Robinson Susan Schellenburg ? Margaret Neville Maureen O’Hara Debbie MacDougall Rhonda Pearson Sharon Tyler

Front row: Roger Pocket Nathan Petrini Cleve Roberts Hugh Nichol Stephen Woods ? Steven Wood

But please don’t ask me what I did yesterday! Anyway maybe the ? will be filled in by someone else who was in the class.

Maureen O’Hara (not the one who lives in Haliburton now the one in the photo who used to live on Mountain Street a long time ago….)