Patient News brightens bad situation

By Jenn Watt

Oct. 4 2016

As with the first time Prettypaws was vandalized the community has rallied to support owner Christopher O’Mara.

One of the projects was hatched by local artist Brandon Jarvis who created instructions on how to make rainbow handprint art. She posted on her blog about her motivation to make the craft.

“We know that children aren’t born intolerant and filled with hate. It’s taught. So my answer would be to stop it before it starts. To talk to our kids about acceptance and tolerance kindness and compassion” she wrote.

Patient News’s Andrea Black saw the post and thought the project would fit perfectly with staff at her workplace.

Black says she and many of her co-workers take their dogs to Prettypaws for grooming and that Patient News is a dog-friendly workplace so it made sense for them to reach out to O’Mara.

They set up the kitchen at the Haliburton publishing company with all of the supplies needed and in the end 35 rainbow hands were created.

On Friday they delivered the artwork to O’Mara and put it up in his store window as a show of support from Patient News – and his canine clients.

Donate your bras

Patient News is asking community members to drop off used braziers for their “Bra-ha-ha” raising awareness of breast cancer and sending the garments to Nicaragua.

Andrea Black said the intention is to cover the front of the building on County Road 21 with bras to bring attention to the disease. (Last year Patient News did the same thing putting bras on their sign.)

They can use bras of any condition for the awareness raising project.

When they take the bras down those that are in good condition will be washed and taken with the Water Ambassadors to Nicaragua to be donated.

They will take bras of any shape size and quality. A drop box has been set up in the office. Patient News is accepting bras until Oct. 10.