Work is underway on the new Home Hardware for Haliburton which is set to open in early April of 2019. On Nov. 9 the walls for the new 16000-square-foot building were being built. /JENN WATT Staff

New technology could be coming to Haliburton

By Angelica Ingram

A new type of green energy could be manufactured in Haliburton County in the future.

On Jan. 27 community members gathered at Pinestone Resort and Conference Centre to hear about an innovation that is just being developed by Vince Aurora owner of the resort.

“Coming into Haliburton I never thought I’d be bringing inventions too” said Aurora.

Dysart et al Reeve Murray Fearrey said the technology could mean huge possibilities for the area in terms of economic activity and jobs.

Described as a magnetic flux capacitor propulsion engine and/or charger the device has the ability to power homes for approximately 25 years.

Developed at the University of Guelph the technology has been patented in 27 countries by the World Intellectual Property Organization.

Running on magnetic power the device has to be plugged in to start eventually running on its own energy.

Aurora said the concept has been supported by Stephen Hawking.

“We’re thinking this will be supporting solar panels but takes way less space” said Aurora.

The device has a life expectancy of 20 years and upwards of 30 to 50 years he said.

Aurora who bought the Pinestone Resort recently with his son Ravi said he has been supported by Fearrey with the hopes of bringing the technology to the area.

“This is all going to be made in Haliburton … so we’ll be able to create lots of jobs” said the entrepreneur.

The device requires no maintenance he said.

While the businessman is confident about the product and its future he said it’s too early to know when it will be manufactured or sold.

“I can’t talk numbers yet” he said.

In addition to energy technology Aurora also introduced the crowd to a second invention he is behind a sterilizer machine which can be used in health care.

Aurora hopes to manufacture the invention in Haliburton County as well.

The company behind both prototypes is called GEO Aurora which is a partnership between Aurora and the scientists behind the technology.

The inventions have been patented but are in the process of getting CSA approval said Rodger Zigmond technical advisor.

Haliburton resident David Bishop Sr. asked Aurora what type of support the entrepreneur was looking for from Haliburton. The business owner said he was looking for assistance and support from the municipality and community.

Asked what the retail price will be Aurora said that information is not known yet.

In terms of required capital needed Aurora said it will require $30- to $40-million to develop the technology.

“Do you have other investors lined up?” asked Eric Ehgoetz who works in the private equity sector.

Aurora said not yet but that he was hoping to get other countries investing in the technology. Looking at a timeline Aurora said he believes the product’s development will take about a year.

According to Zigmond the National Research Council has put money forward to help develop the technology.

Haliburton County Development Corporation board chairman Andrew Hodgson thanked Aurora for wanting to invest in Haliburton with his new technology.

“The development corporation has a proud history of supporting any kind of business big small” said Hodgson. “We want to be supportive. We want to be helpful. We’d love to see jobs in Haliburton. So as you move through and get the due diligence you can count on us to do whatever we can to support you.”

Aurora said since he’s arrived to Haliburton he’s found a supportive community which he likens to a family.

“I decided to join this family and be a part of the family” he said.