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New speaker series to highlight stories of adventure

By Angelica Ingram

If you enjoy embarking on adventures learning about new places and humming along to a tune a new speaker series launching this week might pique your interest.

Titled Telling Our Stories the series is being presented by Yours Outdoors with support from Adventure Canada and the Haliburton Highlands Trekkers and is being held at the HHOA Fish Hatchery.

The idea for the series came from Yours Outdoors founder Barrie Martin who had been mulling over  bringing interesting people and their stories to the public.

Following a talk given last year by Dave Bathe which was attended by about 60 people Martin thought there was an interest in hearing from others about their travels.

Most of the guest speakers are from the area highlighting the fact you don’t have to look far to hear tales of travel intrigue and adventure.

“Another motivation for doing it … I try to apply the principles of ecotourism and part of that is giving back to the community” said Martin.

As a result part of each admission fee will be donated to a local conservation organization.

The series kicks off with Craig MacDonald former outdoor recreation specialist at Algonquin Park and a retired historian.

On Jan. 6 MacDonald will be sharing his knowledge of snowshoes bringing a heritage collection of the winter footwear with him.

The series continues on Feb. 3 with Mike Buss who will be talking about the fur trade along with bringing in authentic furs.

On March 24 singer-songwriter David Newland will be leading an evening about the Arctic sharing pictures stories and songs from adventures he has taken to Greenland Labrador and the Northwest Passage.

“This is essentially going to be a concert and a story” said Martin.

The final installment of the series is going to be a duo comprised of Karl Hartwick and Bob Davis who are going to talk about tales from the Yukon. Focused on their eight-week canoe trip the talk will show some of the scenery and wildlife they captured in photos.

Martin is hoping to continue the series if there is interest from the public.

Each talk will be held at the fish hatchery from 7 to 9 p.m. $10 a person.
Seats can be reserved by calling 705-754-3436 or email
Tickets can be purchased at the door.