New deputy fire chief chosen by Dysart

By Angelica Ingram

Published Jan. 31 2017

The following are brief reports of items discussed at the Jan. 23 meeting of Dysart et al council.

The municipality has chosen Dan Chumbley to fulfill the role of deputy fire chief of the Dysart fire department beginning immediately.
Chumbley will fill the role previously had by Don Stephenson who retired from the position.
A volunteer firefighter for the past 17 years Chumbley 41 was born and raised in Haliburton County.
He applied for the position due to his love for the department.
“There’s something new to learn all the time” he said. “The group work the teamwork I find it very enjoyable.”
During his time as a volunteer firefighter Chumbley has completed more than 20 fire related courses.
He said many people don’t realize all the things firefighters do which include responding to medical calls ice and water rescue motor vehicle accidents and yes even rescuing cats stuck in trees.
“You don’t know what’s going to happen” said Chumbley.
He has already begun working with fire chief Mike Iles whom he said has lots of new ideas.
“He’s really tackling the job with enthusiasm” he said.

A discussion was had by councillors on when to uncover the downtown parking meters following the Christmas holidays.
The meters which line Highland Street and part of Maple Avenue are typically covered up prior to Remembrance Day each year to encourage local shopping at Christmastime.
In the past the meters have been uncovered by the middle of January however this year the weather and large snowbanks have kept the meters covered longer to prevent a risky situation for those trying to get to them.
The meters are covered up by the Haliburton Business Improvement Area with no official start or end date declared by council.
Councillors decided the end date would be weather dependent.

In gearing up for the 2018 municipal election councillors had a debate over whether to incorporate the ranked ballot system or continue with first-past-the-post.
Next year’s election will mark the first time a municipality can use ranked ballots which lets voters give candidates a ranking in order of their preference.
Ranked ballots cannot be used for school board elections.
Clerk Cheryl Coulson recommended the municipality continue using the system it has in the past adding a ranked ballot would be more costly.
Reeve Murray Fearrey said he could see why a ranked ballot system would be beneficial in an urban area where there are more candidates to choose from however here there are typically only two candidates in a race.
Council agreed to continue with the status quo.