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New club perfect for foodies

By Angelica Ingram

There’s a new club in town that’s easy to join has no meetings and provides the most delicious food.

The Bread and Bagel Club is a creative initiative started by Janine Papadopoulos of Into the Blue Bakery.

An entrepreneur Papadopoulos began her wood fired pizza business in the summer of 2014 by taking her red mobile oven to markets and festivals around Haliburton County and beyond.

“This year at the [farmers’] market I decided to try bagels” she said. “So here I am with a new business and wondering how I can extend the business … in the off season.”

In an effort to grow her business the owner/operator has expanded to make bread products throughout the winter months.

The items can be ordered on a weekly basis as regularly or irregularly as you wish. Papadopoulos sends out an email to customers every week (or less if preferred) with a variety of items to choose from and orders can be placed right online.

“I probably started sending it to about 15 [people] initially” she said. “So every week I send out what I’m offering to make.”

Customers can order as few or many items from the list as they want with each item costing $5. Items can include six sesame seed bagels six ciabatta buns sourdough loafs pizza doughs and much more.

Each week orders are available for pick-up at Abbey Gardens or Baked and Battered. Papadopoulos is currently seeking a Minden location for pick-up services.

Now in its ninth week the club has been garnering a lot of support through word of mouth said Papadopoulos. She currently sends out the club emails to about 70 people per week and gets anywhere from 18 to 25 orders. She is hoping to get around 35 orders per week an amount that will help sustain her business year round.

“The great thing is I have no lost product I am baking to order” said Papadopoulos. “So this way I’m selling to people that I know are buying.”

So far the baker has gotten positive feedback about her new venture. If her business grows bigger than 35 orders a week Papadopoulos could potentially bring on an additional staff member.

The emails get sent out on Mondays and orders have to be in by Tuesday evening. The products get baked on Thursday and Friday with pick-up on Friday afternoons.

“If you were to go right at 2 p.m. [for pick-up] some of the bread would still be steaming” she said. There is no membership fee to join the club.

The entrepreneur is still making her wood-fired pizza at events and is available for private functions.

For more information about the club contact Papadopoulos at or call 705-854-2662.