Music video next step in singer’s career

By Angelica Ingram

Jan. 10 2017

It might be just love to some but to Cassidy Glecoff those words mean so much more following the debut of her first music video It’s Just Love .

Released on Jan. 1 the video is the first project of its kind for the local singer/songwriter who recorded a song by the same name written by Haliburton County’s Albert Saxby.

“Albert made it happen” said Jason Glecoff Cassidy’s father in regards to the project.

Shot last October at various locations throughout Haliburton County the video features scenic backdrops such as Ritchie Falls in Lochlin; an old barn just outside of Haliburton Village; and a 100-acre property that used to be in Saxby’s family.

The video was created by students in the Haliburton School of Art and Design’s Moving Image Design program with some additional helpers said program co-ordinator Tammy Rea.

The idea for the video was a collaboration between Saxby and Rea following a meeting Saxby attended for the Symposium of Performing Arts in Rural Communities (SPARC).

“I’ve been trying to get Cassidy more exposure” said Saxby.

He first met Cassidy when she was just 13 and was impressed with not only her talent but her stage presence.

Cassidy now 17 recorded It’s Just Love about a year ago. It was produced by Richard Joudrey.

The video became a reading week project of Rea’s students with 80 per cent of the video done by Charlotte Harding who did the producing and editing.

Curtis Jacyshyn was the director and drone operator while other students provided skills such as camera work sound and lighting. Haliburton Highlands Secondary School student Rowan Tofflemire was also involved with the project as were many volunteers friends and family members.

“It was such a great learning experience we are going to make it a class project every year now” said Rea.

“They [the students] learned so much. They did the entire thing … and they just loved that idea of being a real director and being a real editor and having a real client. They did an awesome job.”

Rea said while there were challenges with filming the students overcame them as a team.

The concept for the video was a joint idea by Saxby and the students with one location scouted out by Saxby prior to shooting.

“I took photographs and took it to Tammy and some of the students and they loved that spot” he said. “They came up with other ideas such as Ritchie Falls and the barn outside of town … they came up with the idea of how they were going to shoot it. Everyone had input on it which made it cool.”

Saxby was amazed at Cassidy’s dedication and commitment to the project pointing out she spent days in freezing temperatures wearing summery clothing and bare feet while the rest of the crew was bundled up.

“What I loved about it is the whole thing is a Haliburton project” said Saxby. “And Cassidy’s such a cool performer … I think they [HSAD students] did a great job.”

The experience of making the video is one Cassidy will never forget.

“The first time I saw it was at the SPARC symposium” she said. “When I saw the final piece I liked it a lot. I was really impressed.”

To date there have been more than 1500 views of the video which is posted on YouTube and linked through Facebook.

Cassidy is hoping to do more videos in the future and has been concentrating on writing her own songs.

She recently entered an international singing competition in the U.K. and made it to the top seven finalists. However the competition is on hold for reasons beyond the contest organizer’s control said Cassidy’s mom Denise Glecoff. The family is unsure what is going to happen with the competition moving forward.

To watch the video search Cassidy Glecoff on YouTube.