Making housing happen: Getting to 750

Last week county council approved a goal of creating 750 new rental units in Haliburton County over the next 20 years. What’s the plan for reaching that goal?

If the kind of housing that you think you might need some time in the next 10 years is not currently available and you want to do something about that you should attend the Haliburton County Housing Summit at West Guilford Community Centre on Friday Oct. 18.

Attendees will get

• an overview of the work that led to the target which covers rental units for low- and moderate-income households as well as units with some supports attached

• thumb-nail descriptions of local developments both for-profit and not-for-profit initiatives in various stages of progress

• information about projects that have worked well elsewhere and may be adapted here (e.g. co-living moderately-priced condos)

• Housing Task Force as a municipal mechanism to solicit development that meets local need

• progress report on making available an alternative funding mechanism that accesses local resources

And an opportunity to discuss with presenters and other attendees how you can work with others toward making your housing of choice happen.  Hoping is not a plan; putting your shoulder to the wheel is.

The event is co-hosted by the Aging Well Committee CARP and Places for People with support from HCDC. Register at no charge at – Haliburton County Housing Summit; more info at Carol Browne 705-457-4551