Magnificent life detailed in new book

Published May 19 2016

Lea Kitler is incredibly thankful for “the magnificent life” she has on her hilltop organic farm near Highland Grove which is not surprisingly called Magnificent Hill. She is also a local real estate agent for Royal Lepage Frank Real Estate in Bancroft. Life is good but it certainly hasn’t always been that way for her.

“Over the years I have met many people who have shared their amazing stories with me” she said. “Now after 40 years I am sharing my story. I am blessed to be the caregiver of this magnificent hill. People often tell me how lucky I am.”

Her recently published book entitled A Magnificent Life – my journey to the Hill is a riveting account of darkness abuse and tragedy as a child including the murder of her mother by her father in the family home. The story involves many current social problems including hunger homelessness abuse poverty and murder.

“I didn’t have anyone to talk to when I was growing up … I grew up not having a voice” she said. “I had so many questions about myself and my life.”

Someone suggested 40 years ago that if she found it difficult to speak aloud then she should write her questions and her answers down instead and that process has remarkably formed the basis for her new book. The book is full of the experiences and questions of a young woman; some of the questions have answers and as Kitler concedes some of the questions have no answers.

Her amazing journey to “the hill” has fashioned her core belief: “you must create your own reality I put my hope passion and creativity into an image of a better life. I can’t keep asking why; the question should be: now what?”

“It is up to me what I do with these experiences and how I make things better” she continued. “I wanted to talk about my life in such a way that other people could look at it and talk about their lives and fears. Everyone else gave up on me but I refused to give up on myself. Life is not a sporting event! My childhood was horrible but I had choices I could make. I had to go through all that stuff just to sit at the top of this hill. This is my story but my hope is that it opens up to others who might be able to relate to my magnificent life.”

Kitler sees herself as the caregiver of a remarkable hilltop near Highland Grove where she is surrounded by her gardens small stock and nature itself. Her current life on the hill is the unwritten next chapter or possibly will make its way into a future new book? Only time will tell.

Her current book was never intended to become a book either until recently. “I write and continue to write” she said. “It is my own personal therapy to process my questions and experiences. I refuse to blame anything on my past instead I accept the reality in which it has placed me.”

Her book A Magnificent Life – my journey to the hill is available by contacting Kitler at 705-448-9453 or