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Loon Lake dam work to finish in March

Rehabilitation of the Loon Lake dam should be done by March Parks Canada said in an update to the community last week.

The structure was built in 1934 and needed major repairs including the replacement of a wingwall deck and a portion of the piers.

“Beginning in November 2016 Parks Canada staff have been chipping away damaged concrete and are now placing reinforcements and formwork to give the soon-to-be reconstructed dam its shape” the release says.

Concrete will be poured in the coming weeks and will continue until late February with all remaining work done by March.

“New safety railings and signage will then be installed and the project then completed with the cleanup of the site in May” the release says.

Loon Lake is east of Haliburton on Highway 118 before Tory Hill.

Rehabilitation is being funded as part of a larger $3 billion five-year investment in infrastructure from the federal government.