Local couple embarks on new business adventure

By Angelica Ingram

August 2 2016

When Greg Luck and Abby Hagerman were camping across Canada this past spring they were also hard at work promoting their new business.

The young couple who call Haliburton their home were showcasing their new business adventure to the country specifically their Lotus Belle tent.

The word tent is a term used loosely to describe a Lotus Belle product with its garlic bulb shape and

unique characteristics.

The pair were first introduced to the product last year when Hagerman was researching options for sleeping arrangements for a party she was planning to host on a piece of property she owns.

“I wanted to have something on the land for people to come together [in]” she said.

Through the Internet they became familiar with the product and decided to buy a Lotus Belle however paid a high amount in shipping and duties due to the company being based out of the U.K.

After some discussion the pair thought there must be an easier way for Canadians to get their hands on a Lotus Belle so they contacted the company and pitched the idea of becoming the Canadian distributor for the brand.

“We are the sole distributor for Canada” said Hagerman. “We have an online store and ship them to anywhere [in Canada].”

To date they have sold Lotus Belles throughout the country including four in Haliburton County.

The tents offer a premium style accommodation for those who enjoy the outdoors and even for those who don’t.

Available in different sizes from about 125 square feet to 200 square feet a Lotus Belle perfectly fits the description of glamping (a word meaning glamorous camping) which is what part of the appeal was to Luck and Hagerman.

As someone who grew up camping and experiencing the outdoors Hagerman appreciates the glamping trend because it opens up camping to a new audience.

“What I really like about it is that it gets people out camping that otherwise wouldn’t” she said. “Even if

you’re in a big fancy tent you’re still out of your house you’re still having a campfire you’re still looking at the stars.”

The pair see the business endeavour as a way to attract a new demographic to camping a demographic that might have previously been uninterested in the outdoors.

“We put it up in half an hour and take it down in 10 minutes” said Hagerman. “It has the floor it has the poles it has everything and fits in a duffle bag. It’s just easy.”

Made out of wax canvas Lotus Belles are waterproof and can accommodate furniture a large bed and much more.

“That’s the best part is furnishing it really luxuriously” said Luck. “They just look so cool.”

The couple say the tent offers a more inexpensive way to expand sleeping arrangements at a house or cottage compared to a bunkie for instance.

“You could put it on a deck or near the water” said Luck.

Next year a smaller tent called the Lotus Bud will be available to purchase.

A local yoga teacher and construction worker respectively Hagerman and Luck hope to grow and expand their Lotus Belle business to enhance their other year round employment.

They are both thrilled with the support and buzz the tents have been receiving thus far.

“I feel like it just makes you smile” said Hagerman. “There’s this sense of awe and wonderment when walking into one.”

“Everyone who sees it is like what is that? I want one” said Luck. “I just like that there’s so many ways to use it.”

Prices vary on the tents. For more information visit www.lotusbelle.ca.