A pharmacist at Highland Pharmacy in Haliburton shows a Naloxone kit which is beingoffered free to people who use opioids and their family and friends to help preventoverdoses. /SUE TIFFIN Staff

Library software helps local author

Software is expensive and it is difficult to always have the latest version of the software available when you need it for occasional use. The library is a great resource and has recently added the Adobe suite of apps to a computer that can be booked at the Haliburton library site.

I recently self-published a book and was about to do a second one. I felt I had the skills to design the book myself but did not have the software on my home computer.  I wanted to experiment with the Adobe In Design program to see if I could figure it out and successfully design my second book. I booked the computer at the library and set out to challenge my skills.

I am happy to say that I have been successful in producing a PDF that is ready for the printer of my choice to produce the book.  The process was not problem-free. I needed to have a couple of files from my printer uploaded to the computer and was not able to do that myself. The staff of the library were very accommodating and ensured that the files were on the computer and available to me on my next visit.  There was also an issue with the library computer not updating automatically but once again the library staff came to the rescue and have set up a system so that it will always be updated in the future.

Now that I know that I can operate the program successfully I am choosing to pay the monthly subscription fee when I am actually formatting a book just because it is more convenient to have it at home. However I am happy that I have the option of going to the library when I need to do something simple or need to make a minor adjustment.

Having access to these tools without cost is wonderful and I hope others will take advantage of the system so that it continues to be in the annual budget.

Submitted by Marie Gage