Retired photographer Fred Phipps sits with his portaits of the late Barry Stromberg of Haliburton. On the table are his photos of actress Grace Kelly and portrait photographer Yousuf Karsh and the 2 1/4 square format cameras he used during his 45 year career mostly as a CBC publicity photographer. Phipps lives in Haliburton and is CARP Haliburton's local chapter Senior Spotlight feature. /DARREN LUM Staff

Library group a place to think share and question

By Darren Lum

Staff reporter

“I love that quote: ‘I think therefore I am’” Vicky Rodden said referencing the philosopher René Descartes while speaking about why she likes to facilitate Philosophy and Mythology Club.

Rodden who is a librarian at the Haliburton branch welcomes people to join her and others for an enriching experience and opportunity to meet new people and talk about the club’s next subject Canadian mythology the third Thursday this month.

“If you’re just interested in talking to other people and just sharing some time relaxing then it is the perfect place to come to and join” she said.

Facilitated by Rodden the group who attended the most recent meeting examined Native American myths on Thursday Feb. 20 in the Howard Roberts Meeting Room located by the front entrance of the Haliburton branch at 78 Maple Avenue.

“What I love about it is spending time with people and getting to know people discussing things that they are interested in” she said.

Rodden said she also enjoys being part of this club because it taps into a passion for learning and discovery.

“I’ve always loved interviewing people and listening to their stories and where they come from what they’re interested in. I’m a people person so I do get a lot out of it” she said.

She adds philosophy is an area of interest of hers and is related to her past life training and working as an actor.

You may have heard of Rodden on the local airwaves as she has volunteered with Canoe FM for the past 14 years and hosts her own show Candlelight and Beer.

It’s currently a small group but the exchange is rich and offers great depth to their chosen subjects.

The origins of the meetings which are held from September until May started with the great British playwright William Shakespeare.

“When we first started it was supposed to be the Shakespeare Club and then we went through all of Shakespeare’s plays right? And then we decided let’s do other things. We all like philosophy so you know we all love language and that’s how it started” she said.

Rodden who is of Greek descent taught people the Greek language prior to Shakespeare.

The club welcomes people to its monthly meeting held from 3 to 4:30 p.m. on the third Thursday of the month until May.

There isn’t any pre-requisite cost or registration to join the drop-in meetings.

Rodden said the meeting operates with an “open door policy.”

“You don’t have to know anything about mythology or philosophy. It’s just sharing thoughts and ideas” she said.