Letter: Don’t miss the climate action incentive

Published March 26 2019

To the Editor

The federal government’s plan to offset the cost of its carbon tax for residents of Ontario New Brunswick Manitoba and Saskatchewan could be missed by people filing their 2018 taxes. The new Climate Action Incentive (Schedule 14) has been added to the standard tax forms at line 449 but it doesn’t explicitly say the benefit is in place to compensate for the lack of carbon pricing in those provinces.

People are eligible for the credit if they are over the age of 18 — or if under 18 had a spouse or child in the same home — and were a resident of Saskatchewan Manitoba Ontario or New Brunswick on Dec. 31 2018.

A family of four can expect a rebate of $307.

From the CRA website: “New this year is the climate action incentive payment which is available to eligible residents of Saskatchewan Manitoba Ontario and New Brunswick. Eligible individuals can claim the payment when they file their 2018 income tax and benefit return in early 2019. A 10 per cent supplement is available for residents of small and rural communities in recognition of their increased energy needs and reduced access to clean transportation options. The climate action incentive payment will first reduce any balance owing for the year and may increase any refund.”

Jamie Schmale put a tax guide in our mailboxes but his “claim everything you qualify for!” guide makes no reference to Schedule 14 and the line item 449.

His Conservative Party is not in favour of this. Provincially what comes out of Doug Ford’s mouth in his attacks on the “carbon tax” certainly doesn’t include any mention of the rebate either.

Whose interests are they serving? As one who thinks that climate change and its repercussions are a current and growing threat? Not mine.

Eric Lilius