Highlands East Update: April 17

The following is an update from the Municipality of Highlands East issued April 17 regarding penalties and interest deferral.

On April 17 2020 the Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) for Highlands East met and discussed penalty and interest deferrals for the municipality. As a result of this meeting the following change has come forward:

Municipal Property Taxes

Interest and penalties for non-payment of property tax accounts are now deferred until June 30 2020. Previously the penalty and interested was deferred until May 1 2020. With due dates being extended we still encourage account holders to utilize the various payment methods noted below and to submit payments as soon as reasonably possible.

Payments can be made by:

Placing your cheque or money order form into the mail slot/drop off box located to the left of the front door to the Wilberforce Municipal Office. Please ensure your payment is sealed and the remittance slip is contained. At this time we are discouraging the use of cash for payments to enhance safety precautions to staff.

• Mailing to the municipal office;

• Telephone banking services direct deposit at your bank branch or through your online banking site;

• Online credit card payments through Plastiq