Highlands East spends almost $37K to correct measurement error   

By Sue Tiffin

Published Nov. 13 2018

An inaccurate measurement of road width is costing the municipality of Highlands East an unexpected $36800.

Norway Asphalt brought the error to the municipality’s attention after the company which began work on paving the Cardiff town site in October noted the project tender did not call for the proper quantity of Hot Mix HL32 to provide for 6.4 metres wide roads (6.6 metres on Short Street).

According to a report to council made by Brittany McCaw deputy CAO/treasurer who was filling in for Shannon Hunter at the Nov. 7 meeting the quantities in the tender were for paving the roads at 6.0 metres.

“The extra width represents approximately 400 tonnes including the driveway tie-ins” reads the report. “The additional 400 tonnes of Hot Mix HL32 would be at a cost of $92/tonne which is an additional cost of approximately $36800.”

To address the increased costs council was given two options. The first to approve the additional costs for paving the roads to the appropriate width complete a budget amendment to the 2018 budget to take extra monies from the working fund reserve and make public notice of the budget amendment or to continue with the project as was originally tendered which narrows the road width and results in no additional costs incurred.

Deputy Mayor Suzanne Partridge said she didn’t think 6.0 metres in width was sufficient for school buses and similar vehicles.

“But I’d like to know who is responsible for not measuring properly” she said.

McCaw said when the tender was created it was contracted out to another individual. She said it could be looked into.

“Yes absolutely” said Partridge. “So we can not hire them again.”

A Sept. 5 report regarding the project filed by Earl Covert roads supervisor notes that staff with the assistance of WSP Canada Ltd. prepared the tender documents.

At the Sept. 5 council meeting Covert told council the tenders that came in were all over the allotted 2018 budget but Norway Asphalt was the lowest bidder. Hunter said $505000 was available in the budget for the work but that Norway Asphalt’s bid was $544575 plus HST which included a provisional amount of $32000. Council chose to go with Norway Asphalt.