Highlands East council to revisit fireworks bylaw

By Elizabeth Bate

The following are brief reports of items discussed at the Aug. 10 meeting of Highlands East council.

A draft bylaw restricting the use and sale of fireworks and firecrackers was presented and discussed at a council meeting Aug. 10.

The bylaw was deferred for further amendment and consideration and will be voted on at a future council meeting.

The draft restricted the display and sale of fireworks to seven days before five yearly holidays including Victoria Day Canada Day Labour Day Saint Jean Baptiste Day and New Year’s Eve. It also restricted the use of fireworks to three days before the holidays and on private property excluding lane ways streets sidewalks or structures where there may be pedestrians.

Councillors said they had received mixed responses from constituents with comments both in favour and against the proposed bylaw. Councillors also continued to voice concerns over the ability to enforce the restrictions.

Ward 1 Councillor Cam McKenzie voiced opposition to the restrictions on the sale of fireworks and firecrackers and also said the bylaw should contain a curfew preventing their use after 11 p.m.

Changes to the draft will be made and represented to council at a later date.

Council supports a resolution against the sale of Hydro One

Council voted in favour of supporting a resolution made by the County of Peterborough calling for a halt to the sale of Hydro One and strengthening Hydro One through infrastructure improvements.

The resolution was brought to council through a concurring resolution voted on by the Township of Havelock-Belmont-Methuen on July 31.

The disapproval of the sale is being communicated by all three municipalities to Ontario’s ministers of finance and energy as well and the members of provincial parliament for each riding.

Funds approved for Wilberforce dock

Government regulations on the municipal dock in Wilberforce require that it have fencing and posts surrounding it a part of the dock renovations not previously approved or budgeted for by council reported Jim Alden property supervisor.

The new fencing and posts will cost about $2200 Alden said. Council approved the additional expenditure unanimously to allow the project to continue.

Partial road closures approved for Corduroy Enduro event

Council approved the partial closure of select roads for the Corduroy Enduro event being held Sept. 26 to 27.

In a letter to council discussed at the meeting the three-day event organizers requested the same road closure arrangement it received last year after steep fines from the Safe All Terrain Vehicle Enforcement unit of the OPP put the three-day event in danger in 2013.

The group says they received tickets totalling $2000 in violations on day one of the 2013 ride forcing them to re-route vehicles for the remainder of that year’s event to avoid further violations for drivers.

In 2014 the group obtained permission for the partial road closures on County Road 503 Mill Street Gooderham Street and Parquin Lane on Friday. Billings Lake Road Contau Lake Road and Fortesque Lake Road on Saturday and Sunday and Eureka Road on Sunday as well. Those same roads will be partially closed for this year’s event.