Highlands resident Gord Divell finds out his groceries are free on Wednesday May 16 at Todd's Your Independent Grocer in Haliburton. Divell was one of a group of lucky shoppers who were awarded up to $250 worth of groceries. This is a surprise customer appreciation event which is part of the Loblaws Market Moments campaign in which randomly selected stores give away groceries. /DARREN LUM Staff

Free groceries for surprised shoppers at Haliburton Independent

By Darren Lum

Published May 22 2018

Haliburton shoppers standing in line at Todd’s Your Independent Grocer looked shocked as colourful confetti rained down and they learned their groceries would be free.

Independent owner Steve Todd delivered the news to stunned shoppers on Wednesday May 16 close to 4:30 p.m.

The surprise customer appreciation event was part of the Loblaws’ Market Moments campaign in which randomly selected stores celebrate their shoppers and give away groceries.

Standing outside the entrance to the store with $200 worth of groceries in the Market Moments bags was West Guilford’s Cathy Killoch.

“That was me wooting!” she said referring to her reaction to Todd’s announcement.

This was the second time the Haliburton location was chosen during the five years Market Moments has been implemented by the grocery chain. Loblaws spokesperson Ben Wylie said more than $1 million in free groceries has been given over the last five campaigns according to a story in the Mississauga News.

Killoch is a regular shopper who usually comes in the morning to shop on the weekends but chose to come on Wednesday afternoon last week to avoid the long weekend crowd.

Todd said this allows him to give back to his customers.

“Any time you can give them something and make them happy and make them smile is a benefit for everybody” he said.

As far as Todd knows his was the last store to give away free groceries in the campaign which took place over an eight week period.

It’s not every day something is given away for free.

“Very rarely are things given away for free nowadays with no gimmicks no catches nothing attached to it. It’s just our gift to them” he said.