George Pratt’s “Together We Explore the Wild…”

Everlasting bonds take sculpted form

By Noelle Dupret Smith

Published Aug. 28 2018

One of the most endearing parts of my life is the 15 years I have spent being a sister. Your siblings are the people who even when you can’t see it they’ve got your back no matter what. The person who lies for you when you try the new treadmill on the highest speed and slice your knee (sorry Dad). My relationship with my brother makes these sculptures far more compelling for me.

As you walk towards The Photo Shop you will notice sleek bronze sculpture “Sun Sisters” by Tim Dolman. In an interview with The Independent and Free Press of Georgetown Tim recalled when he was 20 receiving a book on sculptures from his sister. He claims that this book was the reason why he started to see sculptures in a new light. A light that did not focus on the realism of the piece but rather the emotions and personalities being depicted. In “Sun Sisters” I feel a strong feeling of connection between the women. Their bodies are somewhat different yet their heads are analogous; portraying a similar mindset and emotions.

Also filled with emotions is George Pratt’s salt and pepper granite sculpture: “Together We Explore the Wild…” found within the Sculpture Forest. This compelling piece was commissioned to honour the late Shawn Hagerman. Shawn was described as the ultimate family man and avid explorer of the wild.

Having the two children on the back of the bear symbolized for me the relationship Shawn had with his children and the outdoors. I see Shawn in his afterlife continuing to be the loving and protective papa bear to his children while exploring what he loves with whom he loves.