Dysart council sees snowmobile bylaw 

By Chad Ingram

The following are brief reports of items discussed during a Dec. 16 meeting of Dysart et al council.

Councillors saw the first draft of bylaw directing snowmobile activity within the municipality with specific focus on the Village of Haliburton.

The bylaw is meant largely to keep snowmobilers out of pedestrian pathways.

“No person shall operate a motorized snow vehicle on any sidewalk within the geographical boundaries of Dysart et al except to cross the sidewalk at a right angle” it reads. It also restricts snowmobile activities in public places such as parks.

“We really want to keep the snowmobilers and pedestrians separate” said bylaw officer Kristen Boylan. Fines for violation would be administered under the Provincial Offences Act.

Councillors recommended a few changes to semantics.

Rotary request exception

The Rotary Club of Haliburton is looking for an exemption regarding the municipality’s intention to keep heavy equipment out of Head Lake Park. A number of sprinklers were damaged and grass torn up following a series of events in the park.

It was suggested by council previously that the club’s annual carnival might take place in the municipal parking lot at Head Lake.

“Rotary is requesting they be exempt for this year” Deputy Mayor Pat Kennedy told councillors adding he believed the club’s intention was to bring in some lighter rides and attractions. “I don’t think they’re going to bring the Ferris wheel.”

At one time there was a sawmill where the park is now located and when the park property was capped 40 years ago a bunch of sawdust and other materials were buried beneath the surface. As those materials decay they create absorbency and drainage issues compounded by heavy equipment on the grass.

Councillor John Smith said he had safety concerns about any tall rides being stationed on this precarious base and said the municipality needed to work with the club for the event’s future.

“It’s a great tradition we want to continue it” Smith said. Correspondence will be sent from council to the club.