Dysart council cost about $122500 for 2017

Councillors for Dysart et al received just more than $122000 in combined compensation benefits and mileage last year.

A remuneration report for 2017 accepted by council during its March 26 meeting showed that Mayor Murray Fearrey was paid just more than $26200 and had $460 in other expenses for a total of just more than $26700. Deputy Mayor Andrea Roberts was paid just more than $17300 had $350 in mileage and about $865 in other expenses for a total of approximately $18520.

Councillors Tammy Donaldson Dennis Casey Walt McKechnie Susan Norcross and Nancy Wood-Roberts were each paid about $14845 for the year and with mileage and other expenses included had respective totals of $15900 for Donaldson; Casey approximately $15300; McKechnie approximately $15200; Norcross about $16200; and Wood-Roberts less than $15000.

While Dysart et al has the largest population of Haliburton County’s four lower-tier municipalities its councillors have the lowest compensation. Council recently approved a pay increase for councillors that will come into effect during the next term of council.

The municipality’s five-member committee of adjustment received collective per diem payments of approximately $2000 for the year.