Drag Lake dam repairs on track

Published May 16 2017

Parks Canada says work on rehabilitating the Drag Lake Dam is going well.

Culverts are being used to take care of outflows during the flooding and lake levels have not been raised due to construction a press release says.

“Work so far has focused on the north dam” the release says. “Damaged concrete has been chipped away and multiple pours of new concrete have been undertaken. The upstream sill and the upstream face of the north dam have both been repaired.”

Work is to shift from the north dam to the south dam in early June.

The project includes major repairs to both dams including repairing concrete and resurfacing the structures. A walkway will be added to link the dams as well as guard rails to enhance safety.

The work should be done by early fall of this year.

Funding for the repairs is coming from Parks Canada. Over five years $3 billion is being spent across Canada on infrastructure.

Access to the Drag Lake dams is restricted to those permitted by the neighbouring landowner.