Documentary festival to feature local andglobal films

By Jenn Watt

Published March 8 2017

From war zones to the offices of the New York Times to the early days of a little place called Dysart the documentaries at this year's Doc(k) Day in Haliburton offer incredible breadth during the one-day event.

Thisyear's film fest organized by Those Other Movies is Saturday April 8 at the Northern LightsPerforming Arts Pavilion in Haliburton Village and starts with localhistorian Kim Emmerson's film Dysart 150: The Movie .

Emmersontravelled to England searching for information about the founding ofDysart et al which is celebrating its sesquicentennial this year.Filmed by Kim and Linda Emmerson the documentary introduces viewersto the region's roots in a brief 25-minute piece that educates andentertains.

Afterlooking at the local angle festival attendees will soon move to theglobal with Obit a 93-minute doc about the writers at the New YorkTimes and how they go about summarizing the lives of the recentlydeparted.

In Pursuit of Peace – Trailer from Garry Beitel on Vimeo .

Passes for theday are $30. Individual tickets where available are $10 each.Tickets are available at the door. To reserve a pass for the daycontact Lisa Kerr: .


10:00am: DYSART 150 – THE MOVIE – 23 minutes: HaliburtonCarnarvon Dysart and Stanhope: travel with Kim and Linda Emmersonto jolly olde England to find the roots of the local heritage. Whoknew there was a connection between Dysart – Downton Abbey and KingTutankhamen?

10:30am: OBIT –93 minutes: Withinthe storied walls of TheNew York Times a team of writers is entrusted with reflecting upon the lives ofluminaries icons and world leaders of our day. The writers' storiesare juxtaposed snuggly beside the details of their subjects to createan exceptionally tight often hilarious film.

1:30pm: CAMERAPERSON – 102 minutes: Camerapersondraws our attention not just to what we're seeing but to how we'reseeing it. It encourages us to wonder how a camera operatornegotiates personal space in tense intimate emotionally fraughtsituations.

4:15pm: WHAT LIES BELOW – 80 minutes: "…wehave to sort of re-examine our relationship to the water and withthe aquatic world so we're not impacting it so severely as we arenow " Lawrence Gunther drawson his perspective to explore and share what others aren’t able tosee taking place beneath the waves. A blind graduate from YorkUniversity’s master’s program in environmental studies Guntheris a highly regarded speaker writer and radio host on the subject offishing and Canada’s aquatic ecosystems. He will be present for aQ&A after the film.

7:30pm: IN PURSUIT OF PEACE – 87 minutes: Director Garry Beitelfollows four Canadians on the front lines of international peaceinitiatives in South Sudan Turkey Congo and Iraq. We experience thechallenges of their work exploring how their peace buildingstrategies are put to the test in this new 21st century paradigm ofconflict resolution. Beitel will beavailable for a Q&A after the film.