Developer working on new condo for Haliburton

By Jenn Watt

Published May 31 2016

Greystone Construction Ltd. and sales representative Trophy Property Corp. are moving through the necessary steps and studies to bring a new condo to Haliburton Village.

Called Wallings Way the new three-storey development plans include 21 units ranging from 950 to 1500 square feet with a shared courtyard meeting area and yoga room.
“We think that’s a great centre of town for residential. It’s very well serviced and accessible” said Peter Brady Trophy Property owner and broker.
The land they have in mind is 75 Wallings Rd. which is beside the MNRF fire base property overlooking Head Lake.

Greystone president Pat Dube was at Dysart council in Tuesday May 24 with Brady to talk to councillors about the plans.
While originally there were concerns raised by Dysart’s director of planning Pat Martin about vegetation buffers and shoreline buffers Brady said those issues have been remedied and they are moving forward on the studies needed to pursue a condo on the property.
“There will be public meetings and a chance for public input” he said.
Greystone and Trophy Property have worked together on several of the condo developments in Haliburton County including Granite Cove and Granite View in Haliburton Village and Newcastle in Minden.

As long as everything goes to plan Brady expects Wallings Way will be completed by the fall of 2017.
“Ideally what we like to do is move the crews from one project onto the next one” he said. Newcastle will be completed this fall.
There is no target demographic for Wallings Way however Brady expects a similar clientele to Granite Cove which appealed largely to people who already live in the Highlands and are looking for a more convenient location and lifestyle after spending years of lakefront or residential property ownership.

Martin said the next step for Dube and Brady is for them to submit their zoning bylaw amendment application which will lead to a public meeting and community discussion about the project.