CRS new location provides greater opportunity and choice

By Darren Lum

Staff Reporter

April 25 2017

Everything is available at one location now for CRS or Contractor Rental Supply of Haliburton.

It added close to four times more space after it moved to 162 Industrial Park Rd. from its 37 Mallard Rd. location where it served its customers for close to 15 years. The new location includes a larger outdoor area and building that boasts a bigger and brighter showroom.

Manager Doug Tallman takes pride in being able to offer virtually anything a customer could need from hand tools to heavy machinery.

“If we don’t have it we can get it from one of our other stores. There’s new things in the works. But it’s a nicer bigger brighter showroom” he said.

The manager said this brings everything under one roof as opposed to the last location which required two buildings one on Mallard Road and the other on Industrial Park Road where its service equipment was.

Operating hours he said will remain the same as before and they can be reached at 705-457-9833.

The larger space offers CRS the potential to offer new lines of products in the future. Tallman said they had been looking for a larger location for a few years.

The close proximity to their former location has obvious benefits to its pre-existing customer base and how close it is to the frequented Dysart landfill site offers opportunities to reach new customers.

“We’re right in the same area. Every customer goes to the dump. Every cottager goes to this dump – 90 per cent of them anyway” he said.