After 21 years Ruth Robinson is selling Cranberry Cottage on the same day she opened in 1996 June 28. Jason and Denise Glecoff bought Highland Street shop in Haliburton. SUE TIFFIN Staff

Cranberry Cottage's Ruth Robinson sells business

By Sue Tiffin

Published May 9 2017

June 28 is a special day for Ruth Robinson owner of Cranberry Cottage.

It’s the day she first opened the Haliburton store in 1996 and it’s also the day this year that she’s closing the doors of the shop for the last time.

“It’s ironic without even planning it” she said.

Earlier this year Robinson sold the country-style boutique and gift shop to Jason and Denise Glecoff who take ownership of it on June 29.

“I like this kind of work I really do” she said. “But there comes a time when you want to do other things.”

Robinson co-owned Rachel’s Bakery from 1989 to 1995 and opened Cranberry Cottage the year after  the Highland Street bakery closed. It was originally located in the building across from Emmerson Lumber. Later Robinson opened a store in Bracebridge as well and operated both stores in 2004 and 2005. The Haliburton store closed in 2005 but Robinson reopened it in 2009 after closing the Bracebridge shop.

“I was driving back and forth” she said. “But things happen and times changed.”

Robinson is looking forward to her first summer off in years and in spending more time with her grandkids. Eventually she’ll look for more work to keep busy but she’ll miss her days spent in the store.
“My customers are my friends you know. It’s part of my social life it truly is so that’s why I have to do something still” she said. “I can’t just be at home. I can’t imagine after all these years. I didn’t ever not work.”