Point in Time program manager Dan Bajorek stands outside the office in Haliburton. Bajorek said if parents or guardians have a concern about their child they should not hesitate to call Point in Time which is free confidential and requires no long-term commitment. /JENN WATT Staff

Children's mental health services just a call away

Published August 15 2017

Returning to school can bring additional stress into the lives of children and their families. The return of old routines waking up early doing homework and navigating the complicated social ecosystem of school can put pressure on kids and teenagers.

In addition many could be coping with other issues including grief at the loss of a friend or family member or other stressor.

With this in mind Point in Time Centre for Children Youth and Parents wants to remind the community of their multi-dimensional support system that is free for families and youth.

“There’s an expression in sailing: when in doubt let it out. Let your main sail out so the boat isn’t going to tip over” says Dan Bajorek program manager at Point in Time.

“When in doubt check us out. Give us a shout.”

There are no obligations when you make a call to Point in Time; sometimes all a parent needs is someone who can listen and give feedback about an issue at home.

Children 12 and older can also refer themselves. They have a presence at the high school with a drop-in counsellor who is there three days a week.

Bajorek said Point in Time is anticipating there may be students at the schools who still need additional help following the death of one of the high school students last year. He wants the community to know that the organization is available and willing to help.

Point in Time has been providing counselling services for the last 20 years. Their programs cover youth from birth to age 18 which are listed below.

Bajorek said parents and guardians might consider seeking advice from Point in Time if their child’s behaviour changes from the norm and becomes more withdrawn.

People might say “I could talk to my child and all of a sudden I feel like I’m talking to a wall” Bajorek said. It could also be a loss of friends or a loss of interest in a pursuit the child used to love.

Calling Point in Time doesn’t mean committing to any long-term counselling or program and there is no cost to the family. Bajorek said it’s a good idea if you have concerns about a child or teen in your family to give them a call to see what kind of advice they have.

“There’s no requirement to say you’ve got to come back to see us” he said.

All counsellors observe strict confidentiality rules which are clearly explained before any discussions take place.

To get in touch with Point in Time call 705-457-5345 or 705-286-2191 or go to pointintime.ca.

Early Intervention Team

Ages: birth to six

For children with developmental delays or who are at risk. Staff trained in early childhood education help families develop strategies to meet needs of the child. Free voluntary program.

Family Support Team

Ages: four to 18

Workers come to the home with the parents’ permission to talk about common problems the family might be facing. For example maybe the child is being resistant to going to school because of bullying or an incident with a teacher. Maybe it has to do with disruption of routines or other stresses. Staff can work with parents to strategize on helping the child through the issue.

Youth Justice Team

Ages: 12 to 18

For youth who are engaged with the justice system. Workers assist with anger management counselling and help with community service attendance.

Clinical Team

Issues may include trauma abuse neglect etc. Counsellors provide three sessions initially with the option of another nine sessions.

Hub Program

During the school year Point in Time runs after-school family evenings – one in Haliburton on Tuesdays and the other in Minden on Thursdays. Families play together and enjoy a healthful dinner.

Consulting Child Psychiatrist

Once a month a child psychiatrist comes to Point in Time to see between three and four children or youth that day. He consults on cases and can prescribe medication if necessary.

Point in Time has a crisis line for after 4:30 p.m.: 1-866-995-9933. Adults who need mental health services can call the Haliburton Highlands Mental Health Services at 705-286-4575.